Lehrlinge 13 und 14

LEHRLING 13 – Unterstützer: Rotary Mondseeland

His name; Mayala Zawadi Lufuta, 18yrs old

No. of children from his family 5  -  he is the first one  -  Females are 0  -  Male is 2

mom's name – Theresa Patrick Mang’weng’ula 36yrs

dad's name – Zawadi Mayala 39yrs

He finished standard seven (primary school) – 2020 (after that, he started to subsistence farming to other people and get paid a little wage – now he started to learn tailoring as his professional)

LEHRLING 14 – Unterstützer: Rotary Mondseeland

Her name; Felister Kazinio Nkilijiwa, 16yrs old 

No. of childlen from her family 7  -  He is the sixth one  -  Females are 2  -  Male is 5

mom's name – Mayila Manyabuluba Lufuta 51yrs 

dad's name – Kazinio Nkilijiwa Masalu 59yrs

She finished standard seven (primary school) - 2021 

Main economic activity (dad and mom) - subsistence farming.

Their main challenge is the same; one bicycles for each

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