After discussion between I, japhet and WEO here are some important details we get

Ngeleka village is located at misungwi district in Mwanza region, it has 7.5km2 area of coverage

Number of households; there are 350 households in Ngeleka village

Number of residents; there are about 2275 residents living in Ngeleka village

Number of women and men; there are 1126 women and 1149 men in Ngeleka village


In social services these are details; There is no dispensary in Ngeleka village, it is about 5km where there is health service centre, we tried to ask how do they get quick health services other than that they expect to the next village dispensary, these were an answers; she said government used to send health officers weekly to the village which means there is a highly demand of health service.

There are about 80 orphans who caused by different reasons such as AIDS and pregnant to aged women. Also there are 115 poor households that is a critical problem facing the village.

Apart from that information also we went further by asking on economic activities taking place in the village and gender balance as well as ownership of property between men and women. In reality among economic activities are Agriculture especially horticulture, rice and maize but not dominant, also livestock keeping is taking place in the village, therefore these are economic opportunities that can change per capital income of household. Women have no right of land ownership among families and there number of cases concerning gender imballace.

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